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Chocolate Workshop (Family)

Chocolate Workshop (Family)

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Chocolate Workshop (Families w/Children ages 5+)
Duration - 75 minutes
Price $30 per person (limit 15 per class)

In this class, families are welcome to attend with children and adults! Attendees will be able to make a variety of chocolate dipped treats with different types of toppings including chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered rice crispy treats, chocolate dipped fruits, marshmallow pops, chocolate covered sandwich cookies, chocolate covered potato chips, and chocolate covered cheese doodles! We will finish off the class with individual chocolate "pizzas"! Toppings include sprinkles, mini marshmallows, edible glitter, and chocolate chips. Each attendee will then be able to take home their hand-made confections in a to-go box.

Students will be working in groups of 3-6 people, sharing workspace and utensils. Students will be standing through most of the class, so please wear comfortable closed-toed shoes. Hair should be tied back. Attendees will receive 10% off on any purchases made in-store the day of their class.

All items made at The Chocolate Shoppe are made with certified gluten free and peanut free ingredients. While we are not a nut free facility, our facility is fully sanitized prior to each workshop or event, and no nuts or nut containing ingredients will be present during the workshop or event unless otherwise noted. If you have any other food allergies, please let us know ahead of time as adjustments cannot be made on the day of the workshop or event. Classes with fewer than 6 registrants will be rescheduled or refunded. There are no refunds for cancellations made by registrants within 7 days of a workshop or event.

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For a period of three years after the effective date of this Agreement (registration of any event), registrants, attendees and participants will not directly or indirectly engage in or with any competitive business or events, which includes but is not limited to, (i) engaging in whole or in part in a business as an owner, partner or agent; (ii) becoming an employee of any third party that is engaged in such business or events; (iii) becoming interested directly or indirectly in any such business or events, or (iv) soliciting any customer of The Chocolate Shoppe for the benefit of a third party that is engaged in such business or events, and agrees that this Agreement will not adversely affect The Chocolate Shoppe's business or events.

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